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WebRecon offers solutions for identifying litigious consumers and tracking consumer complaints filed against companies in the credit and collection space. Your free "Frequent Filer Report" will show which consumer lawsuits filed against you would have been preventable with WebRecon's services.

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Are you with a creditor or collection agency? Want to know the consumers who have sued you after suing other companies? We can tell you who they are, and who they sued before you (and when). With that information, it will be easy to see how much money (and grief) WebRecon could have saved you over the years. Request your Frequent Filer Report below

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Three Powerful Ways to Reduce your Risk

WebRecon Offers Tools that Work Together to Identify Litigation and Liability Risks

Every month, over 1000 new lawsuits are filed in state and federal courts against creditors and debt collectors under FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and more. The Litigant Alert is a suite of tools designed to help you quickly isolate consumer accounts that have sued others in the past, and are therefore a much higher risk to file suit against you.

  • Proactive Consumer Litigant Monitoring

    We can watch your files on an ongoing basis, and alert you when any of your consumers have sued someone else. Peace of mind!

  • Federal and State/Local Litigation

    In addition to federal litigation, WebRecon is the only service to offer non-federal data. We include litigation from state, county, city and even small-claims courts around the country.

  • One-Time Batch Uploads

    Send litigant data to us by batch, for a near-instant return of the less-than-1% of consumers who are guaranteed to give you 99% of the headaches.

Vendor Monitoring is a watchlist you create to keep tabs on consumer litigation, CFPB complaints, BBB complaints and State AG complaints filed against the companies you do business with. Use it for routine due diligence, and be the first to know when just doing business with a company may be enough to cause trouble for you.

  • Better Business Bureau

    WebRecon updates its BBB database several times a week, pulling in all complaints filed and matching those complaints against the companies on your custom watchlist

  • CFPB Complaints

    WebRecon updates its CFPB database daily, pulling in all complaints filed and matching those complaints against the companies on your custom watchlist

  • Civil Litigation

    WebRecon tracks civil litigation filed in state and federal courts under FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, TILA and more.  We look at the defendant field of those lawsuits, and match it against your custom watchlist

  • State Attorneys General Office Complaints

    WebRecon requests complaint data from State AG offices all over the country, rounding out our complaint overview and bringing together the only database of its kind

Upload your list of phone numbers, and almost instantly you'll receive back a report telling you which of those numbers have been associated with consumers who have filed FDCPA, FCRA or TCPA litigation in the past.  You can then remove them from your daily dialing queue for further review. We also flag numbers that have been associated with consumer law offices and debt settlement companies. Because, why would you want to call them in a dialer?

  • Phone Numbers

    WebRecon has tens of thousands of phone numbers associated with consumer who have filed FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA litigation over the years

  • Scoring

    We have a unique scoring system that tells you if the number is a 10-digit match, a 7-digit match, or some other variation of a match

  • A Perfect Compliment

    The Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub is the perfect compliment to the Litigant Alert Suite. Use it alone, or in conjunction with our other tools.

Free Benefits with Your WebRecon Account...

  • Consumer Litigation Search Engine

    Search right now for plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, courts, statutes, even judges. See the complete litigation history of any party or search specific date/geographic regions. If you wish, export the results to a spreadsheet for offline analysis. In many cases, you can even download a copy of the actual cases in PDF form.

  • Our Monthly Newsletter with Statistics, Analysis and the Litigant Hotsheet

    Every month, our clients get an exclusive newsletter with all of our expert analysis on consumer litigation and CFPB complaint trends. We also include the Litigant Hotsheet, an incredibly useful monthly listing of exactly who is filing the most lawsuits across the country.

  • Up to Five Subusers

    That is a total of six accounts – one main user and up to five more (in the same organization) with access to all of the same resources (Litigant Alert, Phone Scrubs, Vendor Monitoring, SFTP, newsletters, etc.). Pretty cool, right?

  • The Highest Security Standards

    Every time you access WebRecon, you will be doing it in safety. Sensitive data is one-way encrypted with a virtually unbreakable algorithm, all access is over HTTPS or SFTP, and all data is stored/processed in an ultra-secure data SSAE16-audited data center used primarily by national banks to secure sensitive financial data. Rest assured knowing we take security very seriously.

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