In this short presentation, we'll introduce The Litigant Exchange. This is the future of risk mitigation for creditors and debt collectors when it comes to stopping preventable consumer litigation.

So what is The Litigant Exchange?

Here is the quick version: by using a single, common repository for litigation and pre-lit demand data, and others doing the same, you can all benefit from each other's experiences with litigious consumers to further cut litigation and pre-lit demands.

This goes way beyond WebRecon's traditional service. In this presentation, you'll learn the answers to all of the most common questions, and we'll have time for Q&A.


  • What the Litigant Exchange is, how it works and the problems it solves
  • How it is an exponentially better solution to pre-lit demands than anything that has ever been attempted
  • Details on the legal/compliance roadmap... how this is legal!
  • Who qualifies to participate in this new, exclusive network
  • How it can possibly be offered for free, yet still save you untold thousands in legal/settlement costs