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Congratulations! You are one step closer to fewer lawsuits, fewer headaches, and thousands in saved legal fees. It all starts with our simple agreement. Please tell us who you are and where to send it...

Every Account Includes:

  • The Litigant Alert One-Time Batch Process - Identify Consumers with a History of Litigation Quickly & Easily
  • The Litigant Alert Ongoing Monitoring Process - Monitor Names for Future Litigation Alerts
  • Individual Search Engine - Search the Litigation History of Any Lawsuit Participant
  • Litigation Context Search - Search the Text of Filed Litigation for Trends and Cases Worth Following
  • The Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub - Identify High-Risk Phones Quickly & Easily!
  • Vendor Monitoring - Prevent Vicarious Liability!
  • Our Monthly Client Newsletter with The Litigant Hotsheet
  • Up to Five Additional Users under the Main Account

WebRecon Monthly Pricing

  • Up to 100k rows: $149 flat
  • 100k-1mm rows: $149 for the first 100k, plus $20 per 100k after
  • 1mm-5mm rows: $299 for the first 1mm, plus $100 per million after
  • 5mm or more rows: $699 for the first 5mm, plus $50 per million after

Note: Pricing will be dynamically applied based on actual monthly usage.

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