WebRecon Apr 2024 Stats: Almost Everything Up

Quick analysis: Almost Everything Up In April, FDCPA (+12.7%) and FCRA (+12.7%) suits were up over March, and TCPA (+26.2%), FDCPA (+15.2%) and FCRA (+27.4%) suits were all up YTD. CFPB complaints were also up for the month (+2%) and the year (77.9%!). The only holdup from a complete sweep was April TCPA suits, which ticked […]

WebRecon Mar 2024 Stats: Mixed March, YTD Complaints Still Historically High

Quick analysis: Mixed March, YTD Numbers Still Riding High It has been a robust Q1 in the world of consumer complaints. Similar to February, the consumer complaint/litigation numbers are mixed for March (TCPA +1.5%, FDCPA -13.1%, FCRA -30.6%), but the year to date numbers are all still way up in the double digits over the same […]

WebRecon Feb 2024 Stats: Mixed Feb, But YTD Complaints Still High

Quick analysis: Mixed Feb, But YTD Complaints Still High For Feb 2024, FDCPA cases (-20.1%) and TCPA cases (-32%) fell while FCRA cases (+26.4%) and CFPB complaints (+20.4) increased. YTD, everything is still way up. YTD, everything is still up over 2023 by double digits: FDCPA +19.8% TCPA +32.8% FCRA +40.4% CFPB +39.2% In other news, […]

WebRecon Jan 2024 Stats: 2024 Starts with a ROAR

Quick analysis: 2024 Starts with a ROAR We can’t remember the last time consumer complaints and litigation had such a strong month across the board. Everything in January was up double digit percentages over Dec 2023: TCPA +78.6%(!), FDCPA +24.1%, FCRA +23.8%. And everything was also up double digit percentages YTD against last year: TCPA +50.4%, […]

WebRecon Dec 2023 Stats & Year in Review

Quick analysis: Down December & Year in Review The final stats of 2023 are in and for the first time since June, they show the big three statutes (TCPA -4.3%, FDCPA -.3%, FCRA -14.1%) all down from the previous month. CFPB complaints ended the month up +9.4%. It’s been another wild year of swings for […]

WebRecon Nov 2023 Stats: FCRA Up for the Month, TCPA Up YTD

Quick analysis: With just December consumer litigation left to tabulate in the coming weeks, 2023 YTD looks to have shaken out like this… TCPA is up (+8.9%), FCRA is about even (-.3%) and FDCPA is down (-10.3%). The die appears to be cast for one of the most interesting spreads in memory. The only real question […]

WebRecon Sept 2023 Stats: The Pendulum…

Quick analysis: The Pendulum… September saw the consumer complaint pendulum keep on swinging. After August’s big month for lawsuits, most were back down in the month-over-month comparisons. FCRA suits were the exception – while FCRA had been the one consistent growth area in consumer litigation over the last couple of years, they’ve tended to swing with […]

WebRecon Aug 2023 Stats: The Roller Coaster

Quick analysis: The Roller Coaster Continues After a down June and a mixed July, lawsuits and complaints were up across the board again in August. FDCPA complaints (+15%) led the pack with FCRA (+6.5%) and TCPA (+5.3%) following. In spite of all the month-over-month increases, only TCPA (+13.2%) remains up YTD, with FDCPA (-21.4%) and FCRA […]

WebRecon July 2023 Stats: Mixed Results

Quick analysis: Quick analysis: Mixed Results Well, it was bound to happen. Statistically speaking, anyway. For the first time I can remember in nearly 15 years of tracking these numbers, we had a 0.0% month-over-month change in one of the statutes (TCPA). Relevant? No. Meaningful? Also no. But interesting to me nonetheless, and since I write […]