WebRecon July 2023 Stats: Mixed Results

Quick analysis: Quick analysis: Mixed Results Well, it was bound to happen. Statistically speaking, anyway. For the first time I can remember in nearly 15 years of tracking these numbers, we had a 0.0% month-over-month change in one of the statutes (TCPA). Relevant? No. Meaningful? Also no. But interesting to me nonetheless, and since I write […]

WebRecon June 2023 Stats: Another “Down” Month

Quick analysis: Another “Down” Month Alright, this is kind of funny. The numbers have been swinging pretty wildly this year so far, because I just looked over the headlines of each month’s blog post and this is what they say: Jan: WebRecon Stats: 2023 Starts With Some Bite (Lawsuits Up) Feb: Feb 2023 WebRecon Stats: The […]

WebRecon May 2023 Stats: Everything Up Again

Quick analysis: After a slowdown in April, everything jumped up in May. How high? FDCPA was up +14.1%, FCRA was up +20% and TCPA was up a whopping 98.2%. YTD cases are still down in two out of three of those, with FDCPA down -28.5% and FCRA down -8.5% over 2022, while TCPA’s big month propelled […]

WebRecon April 2023 Stats: Everything Down Again

Quick analysis: In April, everything was down again (mostly by double digits) after a short March rebound. How far down? FDCPA was down -16.2% for the month and -18.3% YTD. FCRA was down -10.1% for the month and -30.2% YTD. And TCPA was down -16.9% for the month, but was the only one still up a […]

WebRecon March 2023 Stats: Increased Complaints Across the Board

Quick analysis: Increased Complaints Across the Board In March, some ground was made up against February’s much lower-than-normal numbers with FDCPA (+9.5%), FCRA (+20.9%) and FCRA (+27.1%) all way up over the previous month, and CFPB complaints even got in on the action with a +15% increase as well. Year-to-date, FDCPA (-31.8%) and FCRA (-9.4%) are […]

WebRecon Feb 2023 Stats: The Red Sea

Quick analysis: The Red Sea It may have happened once or twice over the years, I’m not even sure (and who has the time to go through all of those blog posts?) but even if so, it’s exceedingly rare. February 2023 saw every category in our famous consumer complaint grid turn red, meaning all TCPA, FDCPA […]

WebRecon Stats: 2023 Starts With Some Bite

Quick analysis: 2023 Starts With Some Bite January ’23 continued December ’22s trend of two out of three statutes (plus CFPB complaints) being up for the month. It was just a different two. In January, CFPB complaints (+20.9%), FDCPA (+15.5%) and TCPA (+41.5%) were all up by significant margins, while FCRA (-2.7%) was down nominally. CFPB […]

WebRecon Stats Dec ’22 & Year in Review

Quick analysis: WebRecon Stats Dec ’22 & Year in Review Litigation activity picked up a bit for an end-of-year rally as FDCPA complaints (+11.2%) hit double digits over last month and FCRA complaints (+8%) were also up more than usual. TCPA complaints (-32.4%) were still down though, by a lot. For the full year 2022, FDCPA […]

WebRecon Stats for Nov ’22: Two Turtle Doves and a Lump of Coal

Quick analysis: Two Turtle Doves and a Lump of Coal Happy holidays to you and yours! November 2022 was a mixed bag for litigation. FDCPA (-10.4%) and FCRA (-2.4%) lawsuits were both down for the month, but TCPA (+4.5%) lawsuits had a mini (and relatively uncharacteristic) surge. Year-to-date, FDCPA (-31%!) and TCPA (-11.2%) continued year-over-year declines, […]

WebRecon Stats for Oct 2022: Halloween Treat

Quick analysis: Halloween Treat: Lawsuits Continue Slide For the second month is a row, TCPA, FDCPA and FCRA lawsuits were all down from the previous month. While the September drop was steeper, October’s continued slide was nothing to boo at with TCPA down -2.2%, FDCPA down -7.2% and even FCRA down by -9.2%. Unlike September, October’s […]