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Each month, 1000+ new lawsuits are filed in state and federal courts against creditors, debt collectors, debt buyers and marketing professionals under FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA and more. Hundreds of these lawsuits are brought by repeat filers. Contact any one of them and your chances of being sued rise dramatically.


WebRecon’s Litigant Alert helps you quickly identify many of the consumers who pose a significant risk to your financial well-being so you can protect yourself.


Hundreds of companies like yours take advantage of our affordable, usage-based pricing to protect themselves month after month for a good reason.


WebRecon Prevents TCPA, FDCPA and FCRA Lawsuits.

Details About Working With us

Access to all of our services begins at $249/month. If your overall volume is higher than 50k monthly searches, then our pricing increases gradually from there. View details here.

Our services are extraordinarily simple and straightforward to use. Simple text or csv files with a few fields are all you need. Click here to learn more. 

Going strong since May 2009, WebRecon’s blog is the definitive source for consumer litigation and complaint data.

Heavily utilized by industry associations for lobbying and trend tracking, national media for analysis and reporting, and the business community for risk awareness, our blog is packed with data that helps shine a bright light on the otherwise murky issue of consumer litigation.

We are easy to reach!

Phone: (855) WEB-RECON   (all number version: 855-932-7326)
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Physical: 2025 E Beltline Ave SE, Ste 105, Grand Rapids MI 49546

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WebRecon is committed to operating transparently and in full compliance with all applicable laws and norms.

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Transparent Pricing

We do things a little differently than most companies. When you are a part of the WebRecon family, you get unlimited access to most of our amazing tools. All of your usage goes into one bucket, and you are billed for your volume at the end of the month. What counts as a search? Generally speaking, a single consumer run through our system counts as a single search. The higher your volume, the lower your per-search rate.

Enter a number of searches in the form above. This is what we would bill you for that month’s activity.