FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WebRecon LLC Launches Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub, New Logo & Web Site

webrecon_logo_web_150_transFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 

Grand Rapids, MI (April 7, 2014) – WebRecon LLC is pleased to make two announcements today:

Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub: Dialing in this day and age is riskier than ever. With TCPA litigation exploding both in volume and in the cost to deal with (not to mention the continued prominence of both FDCPA and FCRA litigation), WebRecon is excited to announce a new product aimed squarely at all companies who dial. The Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub allows clients to push phone numbers through WebRecon’s litigation database for a near-instant report on numbers that appear to be associated with known consumer litigants.

The service is launching with over 50,000 phone numbers today, and the company expects to add around 400-500 new phone numbers per month., according to WebRecon CEO Jack Gordon.

New Web Site: In addition to the Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub, WebRecon is thrilled to announce its new logo and a website makeover at

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” says WebRecon CEO Jack Gordon. “We just recently had our 5-year anniversary, and we were long overdue for a cleaner, subtler and more modern image.”

In addition to its fresh new design, the site is bringing back WebRecon’s exclusive monthly statistics of CFPB complaints and consumer litigation. That information had been featured at, but that site will be retired.

For more information, please contact:

Jack Gordon, CEO
WebRecon LLC
Phone: (616) 682-5327