Transparent, Affordable, Usage-Based Pricing

Monthly Billing, No Hidden Charges, Cancel Anytime

We do things a little differently than most companies. When you are a part of the WebRecon family, you get unlimited access to all of our tools. All of that usage goes into one bucket, and you are only billed for what you use. For instance, a single search in our search engine counts as one row. Fifty thousand consumers in a batch file count as 50k rows. Monitoring 200k consumers? That is 200k rows, no matter how frequently you want us to run it. All of those rows searched are tabulated at the end of the billing month, and applied to the schedule below. So using the examples above, 250,001 searches would end up costing you $180. Or, a whole lot less than a lawsuit...

After a 30-day free trial, here is WebRecon's month-to-month pricing:

If your total number of searches is up to 100k rows: $149 flat

Volume Pricing:

  • Up to one million rows: $149 for the first 100k, +$20 per 100k after
  • Up to five million rows: $299 for the first million, +$100/mm after
  • Five million+ rows: $699 for the first 5 million, +$50/mm after

Note: Pricing will be dynamically applied based on actual monthly usage.