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When reading our complaint statistics, please be aware of the following:

  1. Our consumer litigation statistics are based solely on federal case data. While we collect non-federal case data, we do not calculate that into these statistics.
  2. Cases that make it into our database are either filed in or removed to federal courts, under any of the statutes that we monitor (primarily FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA)
  3. The case volumes cited are technically not the number of lawsuits filed, but the number of consumer plaintiffs represented. That is the way our database works.
  4. The individual statute case volumes cited separate cases that invoke multiple statutes. In other words, a lawsuit that invokes both FDCPA and TCPA will count as one case under our FDCPA statistics and one case under our TCPA statistics. Again, this is how our database works.

Jack Gordon, CEO
WebRecon LLC