WebRecon Partners with Ontario Systems, Offering Litigious Consumer Scrubs to Customers

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Grand Rapids, MI (May 27, 2014) – WebRecon, the leading provider of consumer complaint data to the credit and collection industry, announced today a new partnership with Ontario Systems, a leading receivables management technology and services provider.  Ontario Systems will offer WebRecon’s consumer litigant scrub (“The Litigant Alert”) to its customer base through its integrated Link product.

“WebRecon has spent years developing a resource like no other in this industry,” says Jack Gordon, WebRecon CEO.  “We have built the tools and databases from scratch to aggregate and connect the sources of potential litigation in ways nobody else has attempted.” WebRecon products provide the collection industry with tools that go beyond typical call list scrubbers.

WebRecon helps debt collectors and creditors identify accounts with a history of consumer litigation. Consumers who have sued in the past are a much higher risk to sue again in the future. Knowing which accounts are a higher risk better equips debt collectors to prevent expensive and resource-intensive consumer litigation.

“When our highly litigious society is coupled with the increasing compliance and regulatory oversight in the ARM space, we need to provide our customers with as much help as possible,” says Chris Cochran, Ontario Systems Partnership Relations Director. “WebRecon provides a great first line of defense in this fight. We are pleased to announce the completion of the integration of this service for all of our collection platforms.”

“Ontario Systems’ extraordinary leadership on compliance issues has been a great source of personal inspiration to me,” Gordon concludes. “We are very excited to partner with Ontario Systems and share our unique vision with their broad base of users.”

About Ontario Systems

Ontario Systems, LLC is a leading provider of accounts receivable and strategic receivables management solutions for the collections and healthcare industries. Offering a full portfolio of software, services, and business process expertise, Ontario Systems customers include nine of the 10 largest collections agencies, and three of the five biggest health systems in the U.S., with 55,000 representatives in more than 500 locations. To learn more about how Ontario Systems can help power up your receivables, visit OntarioSystems.com.

About WebRecon

WebRecon works with hundreds of collection agencies, law firms and debt buyers to screen their databases for consumers with a history of FDCPA, TCPA or FCRA actions in their past. Isolating those risks early in the process creates an opportunity to handle them in the most beneficial way possible for the debt collector in the present. WebRecon also offers a unique litigious consumer phone scrub and a proprietary vendor monitoring tool that helps monitor litigation and CFPB complaints against a custom watchlist of vendors. To learn more about how WebRecon can reduce predicable litigation against your company, visit WebRecon.com.