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WebRecon is the Inventor of the “Litigious Consumer Scrub” or “Litigator Scrub” (depending on which industry you are coming to us from)

While there are some imitators out there, none can deliver all of the benefits of WebRecon. We have been at this since the beginning of 2009 and have developed the most advanced tools and most comprehensive database of consumer litigation. So what are some of the things that set WebRecon apart from all of the others?

Non-Federal Litigation: Anyone can offer Federal TCPA, FDCPA or FCRA litigator data, that’s relatively easy. WebRecon is the only company that is also able to bring in hundreds of non-Federal cases (city, state, county, even small claims cases) from all over the country each month, giving you better protection against the people who look at you as an easy mark. If you are not scrubbing for non-Federal data, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle!

TCPA Name/Zip Search: The other guys offer a TCPA phone scrub, and that may be all you think you need. But WebRecon goes so much further. We have the name and zip code of every litigator in our database, and are able to offer a scrub using that data (in addition to phones) for better protection against the highest risk consumers. You will always catch more litigators with a name/zip combo than with just a phone.

Broader Litigation Search: Again, many our competitors focus only on TCPA, but many TCPA litigators get their start suing under other, related consumer statutes (like FDCPA and FCRA) and only come to TCPA later in the game. We know who they are, and our competitors don’t. Only WebRecon tracks the broad spectrum of consumer litigation that can tell you not only who the past litigators are, but also who the high-risk future TCPA litigators are.

Acquire Litigator Phone Data: Scrub through our API, use our batch process, or buy the data and do it on your end. We can provide the entire WebRecon phone database on-demand for you to use internally. We add new phones twice weekly to keep you as current as possible. WebRecon gives you a choice of the best way to interact with us.

Prices Starting at $199/Month: The other guys will gouge you for this data if you let them. WebRecon originated the Litigator Scrub in 2009 and serves many hundreds of clients who utilize the service to protect themselves every single day. WebRecon is considered the gold standard for this type of service, and we have the confidence of consumer advocate organizations and federal regulators. Our reputation is solid and our pricing is transparent.

If you are using one of the “other guys” for a Litigator Scrub, we strongly encourage you to run an “apple-to-apple” test with our free 30-day trial to see all of the hits you are currently missing!

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