Fewer Lawsuits & Pre-Lit Demands

In the World of Consumer
Credit, Lawsuits & Pre-Lit
Threats are Unavoidable

But, they can be minimized with good intel...

Identify Litigious Consumers: Every month, over 1000 new lawsuits are filed in state and federal courts against creditors and debt collectors under FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and more. The Litigant Alert is a suite of tools designed to help you quickly isolate consumer accounts that have sued others in the past, and are therefore a much higher risk to file suit against you.

Vendor Monitoring: Create a watchlist to keep tabs on consumer litigation, CFPB complaints, BBB complaints and State AG complaints filed against the companies you do business with. Use it for routine due diligence, and be the first to know when just doing business with a company may be enough to cause trouble for you.

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